About Us

Our story

Digit89 is a Belgian FinTech founded in 2021, with the goal to provide sustainable solutions to a major challenge: working capital optimization.

Digit89 revolutionizes the relationship between the client company and its suppliers allowing all parties to optimize their Working Capital Requirements (WCR), while strengthening their supply chain.

Digit89 aims to play a major role in supporting the economy. Its collaborative approach combined with technological innovations allows Digit89 to open up the full potential of collaborative reverse factoring.

Our Mission

Cash is companies’ oxygen. Our goal is to provide oxygen to everyone when they need it.

Our Vision

We strive to enable collaboration between companies to achieve a a virtuous relationship with a dynamic effect for the whole economy.

Our Team

Jean-Marc Bourg

CEO & Co-Founder

Mathieu Wemaere

COO & Co-Founder

Frédéric Joiris

Chief Technology Officer

Clyde Thomson

Head of Backend Development

Sandro Akrapovic

Head of Sales & Account Management

Our partners